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While our equipment and technology is state of the art, ultimately they are just a tool that requires a trained and experienced practitioner to use it to its full potential.

Jeremy's message


Message From Jeremy

Hello everyone. This is a direct message from the aforementioned trainer, Jeremy. I love fitness with every fiber of my being. It is what I do, and I feel lucky to be doing it. With 29 years of experience, I will be applying your QH-360 based workouts to their maximum potential. The QH-360 is on the cutting edge of resistance training science. As a hard-core iron lifting enthusiast, you would have never convinced me that I could achieve a better workout on any piece of equipment. Before becoming a partner at this facility, I worked with the machine every day, and with great skepticism. Frankly, I didn’t buy it.

Now, 1 year and 100 members later, I can say that I stand corrected. Workouts on the QH-360 yield superior results in every measurable way: muscular hypertrophy, strength, power, intensity, total applied force, core strength, cardio vascular output, balance, flexibility and agility. As a trainer, having one machine that can accomplish all of these things in a 20-minute workout is very exciting!

Additionally, it’s ergonomic design, safety features and streamline mechanics make it great for rehabilitation and strengthening existing injuries. I have been able to assist with several rotator cuff repairs and low back injuries in the past month alone. For anyone post orthopedic surgery, it doesn’t get any better or safer than this! Our machine will meet you exactly where you are and respond to your progress as time goes on.

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