Experience The Resistance Training Revolution

Here at Franklin Fitness, we used the most advanced form of resistance training available. We understand how hard it is to go into a traditional gym and learn the ropes on your own. Our QHR 360 machine facilitated by our versatile trainer Jeremy Franklin takes all the guesswork out of your fitness program.

Our facility is clean and neat. The air is fresh and cool. The sessions are completely private. Select your music, and for the next 20 minutes you will be guided by your personal trainer, Jeremy Franklin, through a series of resistance programs that will exercise and challenge your whole body. You will receive more benefit in 20 minutes from each session than you might get in an hour or more at a traditional big box gym. Guaranteed!


Your Success Is Our Goal

After a month or two, you will be noticeably stronger, with improved posture, better balance and, as a result, you will feel and look better with renewed confidence.